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Yes. We can do boundary and/or as-built surveys that are typical requirements for mortgages and refinances.

If your insurance requires an Elevation Certificate, we can help with that.

We accept checks, cash, ACH payments, and credit cards. Payments made with a credit or debit card include a 3% convenience fee. You can make payment at our office during business hours, leave payment in our secure drop box on the porch, mail a check, or pay with a card over the phone. The field crews are not equipped to accept payment on site or give receipts.

Survey costs vary depending on the parcel size, distance, and amount of survey services required. Please contact our office for a quote.

No. The field crews work outside only. If you have a locked gate or fence, please make arrangements for the crew to have access to your property.

Survey copies may be provided to the original client and those certified (if applicable) on the survey. Depending on the age of the survey, the copy may not be signed and sealed. If you find that you need a current or updated survey, please visit our quote page.

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